Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weather Wimps

We're not cold weather people. Never have been. Its why we moved to Florida in the first place. In fact, I hit up E for a convenient discussion on a particularly cold February when we lived in Virginia right after he finished shoveling the sidewalk.

I said, "Hey, I've been thinking. Wanna move to Florida?"

E: No.

I said, "But its cold outside."

E: "OK."

Well. Maybe it didn't take that minimal amount of effort, but that basically wraps up our decision making pretty easily.

My children have inherited my dislike of the cold. Of course, since Ray moved here when she was one and Chay has never felt anything colder than 60 degrees since he was born, that's just a given.

It was 48 degrees when we rolled out of bed this morning. FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES. That's cold for Florida in October. I had no clothes warm enough for them. Ray's pants were about two two inches too short since I haven't bought her any new ones since last December. She also had to wear socks with sandals - seriously, I'm still horrified at the sight, high waters and socks with sandals. She's recovered, but I haven't. We're on new shoe and pant patrol, stat.

Chay threw an absolute fit at the thought of having to wear socks with lace up sneakers. Yes, we actually have sneakers for the boy, but Mr. Barefoot has always preferred his sandals. Up to this point in his two years in life, it hasn't been an issue. Now the poor boy gets to learn how his Northern friends live.

Please, feel sorry for me. Or, better yet, all of you that hate the cold - come visit me! We have plenty of space... Just wait until January. It'll be warm then, I promise.

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Melodie said...

I've been freezing my @$$ of up her in the TBA (Tampa Bay Area to thoses not in the know) all week long. My heater has been running practically non-stop every night since Monday. I'm finally going to venture out of my house tomorrow to run some errands and attend a meeting.

Oh, and are you crazy for inviting northerners down here? Don't we get enough of them down here in the winter time? It's not quite so bad here in the TBA, but I remember when I lived in Ft. Myers the population would triple during the "season."