Monday, February 23, 2009

My Salesmen

Our neighborhood had a community-wide yard sale this past weekend. So we dragged out a bunch of old toys and baby clothes and hung outside all morning with the kids.

The turnout was pretty good, and Ray and Chay really put their heart into selling our stuff, which really entertained our customers.

We had a bunch of those plastic balls that come with all the baby toys these days laying out, and every time a new person approached us, he would run over to them and yell, "Look, we got balls! We got balls! Look, balls!"

Unfortunately, his approach didn't work. We didn't sell any balls.

Ray decided that she was ready to sell her blue fairy dress up dress. So, any time someone had a little girl with them, she would show the dress off and try to get her to try it on. She really did a sales job too, showing off the wings and pointing out why it would be a really great purchase.

Unfortunately, we didn't sell the fairy dress either.

I don't think they have a future in sales.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Don't Like 2 1/2 Year Old Boys

I don't mean that really, but seriously, he's hell on wheels.

That's a whole roll of toilet paper stuffed into the toilet. By Chay. He spent ten minutes in time out plus a spanking for that one.

He spent nap time on Saturday painting his room in poop. Two hours after we put him down for his nap, he wandered out with no pull up and crusty poop on his butt. When we went to investigate where his actual diaper was, we discovered poop all over the white nursing chair I was getting ready to sell, his toys, and his wall. Thankfully he left his bed alone because while I can spare the nursing chair, I can't trash his bed.

He's also figured out how to unlock all of our doors, both leading outside and in. The sliding glass door that has double locks? Yeah, he's got it. The door leading to the garage. Simplicity. Two times this weekend we found ourselves chasing the little escape artist around the yard to rangle him back inside. Erik spent today installing a third lock on the sliding glass door and deadbolts (up high) on the rest of the doors leading to the outside.

He's a pickpocket, too. He routinely steals things - Ray's dolls, E's small tools, my lotions, for example - and hides them. You don't realize it until its too late and they are totally missing. Its taken us a few weeks, but we think we've figured out his favorite hiding places. But every once and a while he breaks out a new one and my favorite lotion is missing for months.

I don't think I'm going to survive the three year stage...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's a Big Boy Now

I've been forced (I'm still fighting it, but its going forward without my approval) to realize that Chay is not a baby anymore. We're making changes. Big changes. Big Big Changes.

And, he's rolling with it.

We converted his crib to a toddler bed yesterday. He slept through the whole night! When I went in to check on him this morning, he was sitting quietly on his floor playing. That went much smoother than Ray's first night in the toddler bed. She woke me up that night screaming because she managed to wedge herself between the headboard and the wall. Don't ask why she climbed behind the bed, because I don't know.

We also gave up the high chair officially. He was so proud sitting at the table next to his sister eating off his plastic plate.

And, finally, the big news. He's peed twice on the potty by his own request.