Sunday, April 26, 2009


E taped Jurassic Fight Club on the History Channel for Chay, because he is such a huge dinosaur fan (is there a two year old boy that isn't?). We are watching it right now, and I feel like I am listening to finger nails scraping the chalkboard repeatedly.

If there isn't a dinosaur on the screen, Chay is yelling, "I want the dinosaurs!"

If a dinosaur is on the screen, and it happens to be a small one, we hear, "I want the big dinosaurs!"

If its a big dinosaur, he yells, "ROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!", directly in your ear. While scratching on you. That feels really nice, by the way.

The show is educational, and I am happy to let him watch educational shows that he finds entertaining.

Oh, wait, I need to take a break from the blog because Chay says, "I want dinosaurs! Dinosaurs, look at that dinosaurs! Moon. I want dinosaurs. Dinosaur! Two dinosaurs. Long dinosaur. I want dinosaurs!"

OK, commercial. Back to the blog.

As I was saying, the show is educational. Apparentally, he has learned what dinosaurs eat -

Chay - Dinosaurs eat.

Me - Dinosaurs eat what?

Chay - Dinosaurs eat cheese.

Me - Did you say dinosaurs eat cheese?

Chay - Yup. Dinosaurs eat cheese. Yummy.

Hmmm. OK. Maybe its not so educational but it sure is entertaining....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Super Special Secret Surprise

While visiting the Magic Kingdom on a recent weekend with the kids' Godparents and their bestest friend ever, Peanut Butter, a Disney employee stopped the girls to chat. After a few minutes, she asked PB and Ray whether they wanted to come inside one of the shops for an "Extra Special Surprise!" Well, of course, they do, silly. They are 4 and 5 year old girls!

We had a private meeting with Cinderella! And she was just as Princessy as the girls' expected her to be.

Ray's reaction to meeting Cinderella was priceless.

Ray was so excited that every sentence was emphasized with a leg kick and she literally bounced off the walls. She told Cinderella that she loves her Castle, but sorry, her favorite princess is Ariel. Cinderella took that in stride because PB comforted Cinderella by telling her she was her favorite.

Ray and Peanut Butter danced with Cinderella

Chay, however, did not believe that Cinderella was real. His entire visit with her was met with skepticism and boredom. His most exciting time with her was when they listened to the train go by.

Chay and Cinderella listen to the train

PB and Ray, on the other hand, fully believed in her reality and fell instantly in love.

Oh, to be so gullible again...

He Pooped on the Potty

And he said, "I pooped an 'S'!"