Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Battles Are Just Not Worth Fighting

While I was getting ready for the day the other morning, Chay came in waving a placemat at me. D'wha?

Chay: Not a pla'mat it a napkin!

Me: Uhm. Ok.

Chay: No, not OK!!!! It a napkin not a pla'mat!

Me: Baby, if you want to call the placemat a napkin, you go right ahead.

Chay: NOOOOOOO! It napkin not a pla'mat!

Me: Whatever, its a napkin.

Chay: Yeah. That's it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Lesson in Facials by Captain Mischievious

Our weekend was spent in Potty Training Boot Camp. It was pretty successful. Chay earned nine, count 'em nine, stickers for peeing on the potty. No poopies on the potty, but we can't expect too much on the first weekend of Boot Camp. (Sorry for the poopy talk. I promise it won't happen again.)

Chay shows off his new sticker

We didn't leave the house often, what with him wearing no pants and all. So Chay decided he was going to teach a lesson on facial expressions...

Mad Face

Happy Face
Power to the People Face

Just my plain ol' Mr. Mischievious Face
Oh, wondering what is all over his face? My eyeliner. His face is nothing compared to what my sheets look like.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

She's Quotable.

Ray: "When I was a baby, I saw a rainbow dolphin riding on a rainbow at the beach. I knew she was a girl because she had a tattoo like a fairy on her back."

Uhmmm....... OK.


Ray: "Look, its a chick with a pony tail!"

(Referring to a man with a pony tail. He looked at her a little funny.)


Ray: "I don't flush the toilet because when I go in the middle of the night I want you to see it and know that I went and tell me 'hey, Ray, did you go potty in the middle of the night? Good job!"

Then later - E: "Ray, tell Mommy why you don't flush the toilet."

Ray: Mmmm...... I don't know.

E: See, I told you it was all crap...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mickey Fanatic

Ray is on a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kick. Its all she wants to watch - morning, noon, and night. She cried when E said that I might pick them up from school. You see, I don't have a DVD player in my car. Normally, its a good thing that I'm picking them up. But, no, I've been kicked to the curb for Mickey.

She came up with this game that only girls are allowed to play...

We vote on who has the prettiest clothes on. Winner gets to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Forever. She voted on herself and I voted on me. Funny thing happened. Somehow she won.

Guess who's watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Captain Mischievious

The Bull, as we tend to call him more often than not these days, is the King of Mischief.

See that look on his face? That is a classic Chay look meaning, "I'm going to do exactly what you told me not to do 'cuz I think its funny." This picture was taken shortly after we told him that the egg would crack if he dropped it from that height. He dropped it anyway, and guess what happened...the egg cracked and splashed egg coloring vinegar all over the place. Man, he cried after that one. First, he hates broken Easter eggs. And he hates the smell of vinegar all over him even more.

You can't leave The Bull alone anywhere near even potential writing materials...

Found using my mascara

And you certainly can't take your eye off of him when he's painting!

Was he trying to give himself a beard?

The Bull knows that I am deathly afraid of spiders. Today, he hid one of his toy spiders somewhere he knew I would find it in an attempt to scare me. I know this, because moments before I found the (very real looking) spider, he had that classic Chay look. While he was running away from me. Even knowing he was up to something, I screamed at the sight of a huge spider sitting by my computer. Grrrr.

He's a handful, yes. But how could you not love the little Bull?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The (Air)Bus

We recently flew to DC, and it was only the second time Chay has flown. The first time was to fly to the same place for his baptism/1st birthday party, and he doesn't remember that one. We flew JetBlue. The only way to go with kids - free cartoons right in the seats!

We bought him his own seat this time, even though he could have sat on my lap. It would have saved us $300 but it also would have made me crazy being forced to watch cartoons and deal with his wiggly butt on me for 2 1/2 hours. You know what is coming next, right? He sat on my lap the entire time and took a nap for half the trip. Both ways. On the positive side, I was able to watch Ellen while he slept.

While in the airport he was obsessed with the planes. "Its an erplain mommy, its an erplain!"

But when it was time to get on the plane? Not so much. "No, mommy, I don't want to get on the erplain. No erplains, mommy!"

So, being the great parents we are, we told him it was a bus. "Oh. OK, its a bus. Dat OK." Buses, OK. Check. Erplains, not so much.

It took him about a half hour into the flight (both ways, mind you) to realize that we really were on a plane. He would look out the window, see the clouds, and announce loudly enough for the entire plane load of passengers to hear, "Hey, mommy! We not on a bus! We on a erplain! You lied. Bad, mommy!"

He's brilliant, that one. And a tattle tale.