Sunday, October 26, 2008

He'll Be So Embarassed One Day

Ray and Chay had a halloween party at their school on Friday night. Chay was so excited about his new froggy costume - all day before the party he carried it around yelling "ribbit. ribbit." He even willingly wore the froggy hat. The eyes. are. cool.

See, I told you he wore it.

Before the party, I put Ray in her Belle costume first, while Chay was in the other room watching Backyardigans. This was a huge strategic mistake. Huge.

For a month he's been talking about being a frog for halloween. He's been adament. He's been loyal to his new frog costume. We couldn't tear him away from it.

Until he saw Ray in her Belle dress.

He yelled, "No froggy!" as I tried to put it on him, and he ran the other direction. Straight for Ray's room. And out he came.

Carrying a pink and purple princess dress. All while yelling, "No froggy. Dress!"

E was having none of that, and forced him into the frog costume. In defiance, Chay refused to wear the hat (with the cool eyes), the froggy hands (which he loved just the day before) and really fought the feet. There wasn't much he could do about the feet though, since they were attached to the costume.

Lesson learned. We'll be getting HIM dressed first on Friday.

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Melodie said...

That is TOO funny! You should get a pic of him wearing the dress so that you can have a visual aid for when you retell this story to his fiancee.