Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Case in Point

Me this evening: Ray can you show me what you learned in dance class yesterday?

Ray: (Demonstrating her ballet positions.) You know what, Mommy? Daddy remembered my dance clothes and shoes. He's good at remembering stuff. You aren't good at remembering.

Me: You just aren't going to let it drop are you?

Ray: Nope. But do you know what you are good at? Driving fast. Daddy isn't so good at driving fast. He's slow. You're fast. But remembering stuff? You're not good at that.


Melodie said...

Well, at least you're good at something! When will she be old enough for it to be HER responsibility to take care of her dance clothes?

Lipstick said...

That is too funny! Kids are too cute....last night I tucked JBB in bed and he said, "Mommy now you can go watch your politics show and play on your computer." Well, at least I've got his blessing.