Monday, October 13, 2008


It sucks. I've been dealing with walking pneumonia for a week now, and I'm miserable, which is why I haven't posted much lately.


Please check out Sarah's Relay for Life page. She's Melodie's daughter and is raising money for Cancer research. To put it in Sarah's words here in my comments section:

"Come on guys!Let's not let Paige Andringa pass me up..She's at $185.00here I'm only at $115.00How are we falling so behind??Please help raise money for the fight against cancer and pass it on!!!"

I'm posting this in honor of my mom (breast cancer), my grandpa (lung cancer), my Bo (lung cancer, etc.), my Grammy (lung cancer, etc.), E's dad (throat cancer), Jeanmarie's mom (breast cancer), TJ Law (not sure what kind but it was in his nasal passages), and the many other people in our lives and in the future who deal with this nightmare disease.

Thanks, Sarah, for workin' it. Rock on.


AFRo said...

Kudos Mitch. I'm glad you're passing it on too. I love it that she's inspired!

Melodie said...

Thanks a bunch, Mitch! You rock!

Melodie said...

Oh, and feel better soon. It sucks to be sick and still have to take care of your kids.

jeanmarie said...

thanks for the nod to my mom! i had no idea you were sick . . . please take care of yourself!