Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Am I Going to Do with Him?

Chay has become quite the handful now that he is three. Oh, don't believe me? Let the following serve as Exhibit A:

It was my turn to pick up the kids from daycare and I arrived around 5 pm. As I walked passed Chay's room on my way to get Ray, I glanced in the window and saw the teacher reading a book to the class with all the kids sitting quietly around her entranced. There were three boys and one girl, small because it was the end of the day.

I grabbed Ray and her stuff, which took maybe 5 minutes, if that. By the time I returned to Chay's class to get him, two of the little boys are standing on chairs in front of the closet and Chay was on his way to grab his own. The little girl was minding her own business playing with the books. The teacher was no where to be found. By the time the scene soaked in, Chay was up on the chair stretching as high as he could to lock the closet door.

Well, that's odd…so, I asked, "Hey, guys, where's your teacher?"

A knock from inside the closet was my answer.

I should have been horrified that they locked their teacher in the closet, but all I could do was laugh as she sheepishly looked at me when I let her out.

Oh, still don't believe me? How about this one:

Chay and Ray were in the guest bedroom watching a movie one Friday evening snacking on Cheerios. Chay came flying out of the room screaming and trying to blow his nose. I looked up his right nostril and it was red and I could see what looked like a Cheerio jammed up as far as he could get it. Great, but not the end of the world.

I assumed we could dissolve it so we basically water boarded him in an attempt to get it out. As his nose got redder and more swollen, it was harder to see whether the Cheerio was there so we made the assumption he had either inhaled it or it dissolved. He had stopped crying, but it was understandably still tender. He went back to watching the movie and I went back to Facebook.
We watched him over the weekend. He continued to have a tender nose and it sounded like he was still having trouble breathing. Finally, on Monday, I called his pediatrician and scheduled an appointment because clearly something was still wrong. She ended up sending us to an Ear, Nose and Throat doc. We went to that appointment and sure enough, that Cheerio was still up there. Of course, Chay wouldn't let him anywhere near his nose, so we had to schedule surgery so they could put him under. Surgery. For a Cheerio. Classic.

After the surgery, which took all of two minutes, the doctor came out with a funny grin. Turns out that Cheerio was actually a small brown bead that looks like a Cheerio. A $750 bead by the time it was all said and done with.

I'm saving that bead to give him as his 18th birthday present.