Wednesday, June 9, 2010

VPK Graduation

Leading up to Ray's VPK graduation last week, I was hesitant and slightly negative about the whole thing. Graduating from VPK? Really? I only graduated from high school and college. VPK seemed a little like overkill. I looked at it like it was just a reason to pay $35 for the honor of hearing my baby sing songs I've been hearing her sing for six months.

I am happy to say that I take all those thoughts back. VPK graduation rocked.

Ray's teachers did a great job. They put on a beautiful, fun, and emotional ceremony. Ray's graduating class had 52 students and six teachers. Six absolutely fabulous teachers.

The entire class sang songs like Fifty Nifty United States, Macarena Months, My Florida Alphabet and Hip Hop Hokey Pokey. Ray headlined the school's theme song and loved being in the spotlight. Because of these songs, my baby can name all fifty states in alphabetical order, all of the U.S. presidents in order, and the days of the week and months in both English and Spanish. She is beyond brilliant (yes, I am biased.)

Ray stood proud after she received her diploma (not the real one to be sure, that was placed safely in a folder for us to take home later). Her teacher announced that she wanted to be a teacher when she grows up, and my baby grinned ear to ear.

The VPK teachers also put together a book called, "Recipes from Imagination Station." Ray's entry, verbatum:

My Dad's Great Waffles
2 Waffles that you buy from Publix
Put the waffles in the oven for 5 minutes. Take out and put them on a plate. Put lots of syrup on them. If you don't want syrup you can just eat it whole.


They also showed a slide show containing pictures from all the years the kids were at the daycare. It brought tears my eyes and made me appreciate how well Ray's school took care of her. Ray started there when she was two years old, and it is truly more than a daycare and VPK school. They have taught and comforted and helped my baby grow. They help make her who she is today.

I also cried because I realized why I had not been the most positive towards the graduation, and its why I delayed writing about it. Because it means my baby is no longer my baby. She's going to Kindergarten next year. Kindergarten! I have never looked beyond this point. Its quite odd. And I like it.

She may be growing up, but she'll always be my baby. No matter how old she is.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Funny Things They Say

Chay is starting to come out of his shell in a major way. He flirts with his teachers. He disagrees with Ray when she tells him to do something. And, man, does he grunt at me when he's not happy. My little Bull has developed his own sense of humor, and its a pretty good one.

He is also coming up with some doozy sayings.

Take this conversation, for instance:

Chay: I want watamewon. Pweese? Can I have watamewon?

Me: Let's work on this. It is WATER MELLON. You aren't Elmer Fudd.

Chay: I just want watamewon. Pwease.

E: You kinda look like Elmer Fudd, with that new hair cut and your ears.

Chay to me: That's messed up. (And you will need to picture his face, with his eyebrows all crooked and face scrunched up, the perfect facial).


Chay has been wearing his sunglasses EVERYWHERE. And when he puts them on, he is a "rock star." And he will tell everyone he sees that he's a "rock and roll rock star."

As much as he loves his drums and guitar, I do see a future in music, despite the cheesy sunglasses.


And then there's this sweet compliment he paid me last week after I ran six miles:

Chay: Mommy, you stink.

Me: Chay! I'm the stink monster. Give me a hug!

Chay: Oh, no. AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Get away stink monster!

Me (after a shower): Chay, will you give me a hug now?

Chay (after smelling my arm): Mmmmm....mommy, you smell good now. Before you smelled like a trash can. Now you smell like a rose.

Me: Well, I aim to please.