Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What is it about a Mama's Kiss?

What is it about a Mama’s kiss that makes that boo boo stop hurting? They can be screaming and in so much pain but when I kiss their sore spot, they stop crying and are instantly happy? Blood could be dripping down their leg and a little love can make it all better?

Daddy’s kisses are just as special, but they somehow lack that healing touch. Daddy’s kisses will suffice when Mama’s not around, but if I’m here, only my kisses will do. There’s just something special about a Mama’s kisses.

Chay just slammed his head into our headboard and, instead of crying, I heard, “Mama! Tiss it! Mama! Tiss it!” His poor little forehead was bright red from the fall. One little kiss was all it took for him to go running right back onto the bed to wrestle with his sister. (Which I’m sure, will lead to a few other necessary kisses here shortly).

I asked Ray tonight why my kisses can make her boo boos stop hurting and she told me, “Because I really, really love you.” This is baffling to me because I really wish a kiss from my husband would make all the bad stuff in our adult world disappear.

After all, I really, really love him too.

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Melodie said...

Ahh, wouldn't it be amazing if our hubby's kisses could make all of our troubles disappear?