Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ray Likes Boys.

I recently separated from Ray and Chay's father. The kids are dealing with it well. However, Ray is concerned about me and my newly found dating status. On the way to the movies, Ray and I had the following conversation:

Ray: "Mommy, it's tough having a boyfriend."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Ray: "It's tough having a boyfriend. You will have to get used to it. They call you and stuff."

Me: "Excuse me? How do you know it's tough to have a boyfriend?"

Ray: " 'Cause I have three of 'em."

Me: "You have three boyfriends??? Who???" (Not shocked and could pretty much figure out who she was going to say...but still...she's never called them her boyfriends before.)

Ray: "Sheldon, of course, he's just plain funny. Then there's Alexander, because he's the cutest little thing. He's the shortest in the class, even more than me!"

Me: "I thought you were the shortest in your class?"

Ray: "Nope. Alexander is. He's the teeniest tiniest little cutie pie. And there's Andrew."

Me: "Is Andrew the one that isn't in your class but stares at you all the time?"

Ray: "Yep. Abbey and I chase him all the time."

Me: "I thought he wasn't your boyfriend?"

Ray: "He's not. I just like him. And he likes me. So people want to get us together."

She's 7. And I am unprepared for these conversations.