Sunday, November 6, 2011

The One Where Ray Cheered and Chay Rocked the Redskins

Ray had a chance to cheer with the Panther's cheerleaders for the game against the Redskins. We couldn't resist signing her up.

Ray and her mentor, Laura R.

The fun part of the whole thing is that she would be cheering at the half time of the Panthers v. Redskins game. How great is that?

So of course we had to dress the boy up in the Red and Gold's finest.

Charlotte used to be Redskins' territory prior to the Panthers. We found a parking lot hosting a Redskins tailgate. These two were a total hit.

Sworn Enemies

Yes. I did that to my son's head. And I'm proud of it.

Fans of both teams stopped us constantly wanting to take his picture. I can't tell you how many Facebook pages that kid is on.

And now, it's half time!

That's Ray, 7th from the bottom of the G on the 30th Yard Line

And that's her on the 4!

My girl was so proud of herself and I couldn't be more proud of her. She was a brave and beautiful little cheerleader. Now I need to come up with the money to keep her cheering for the next seven years!

I just wish the Skins won!