Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Cranky Pants

The past three days have been hellacious with Chay. He just turned two and has the attitude to show for it. My normally happy boy - not so much anymore.

He's whining. He's crying. Constantly. I don't think he's smiled since Tuesday. I want my boy back!

I think we've narrowed down the problem though to two things.

First, he's frustrated. He doesn't speak very well (yet another thing to worry me) and I think he is getting frustrated because he can't get his point across. Anytime he wants something, its like playing three guesses. By the time we finally figure it out, he's so upset that whatever it is he wanted, well, he doesn't want anymore. Ray is doing her best to interpret for us, but sometimes, even she can't figure it out.

Second, could he be going through a growth spurt? All he wants to do is eat and sleep. He ate two breakfasts this morning in one sitting. As soon as we get him home from school, he needs to eat again -- an hour before his dinnertime. Today at the water park, where he normally is a fish, he kept yelling "Nap! Nap! Want Nap!" And at night he's begging to go to bed 45 minutes before his normal bedtime.

What gives? Is two years old a normal time for a growth spurt? Shouldn't he be able to talk more by now? I'm not normally such a worry wart, but seriously, this just isn't Chay. Make it stop!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Its My Birthday and I Refuse to Feel Guilty

I feel like a failure most days, honestly, as a parent. I let my children watch TV. I send them to daycare. I work. I give them popcicles pretty much once a day. Their idea of a good dinner includes chicken/grilled cheese/mac and cheese and fruit.

Of all of those, though, my biggest guilt inducer is that I work full time. I would love to spend my days with my kids. I would love to be their full time teacher. Unfortunately, today's economy requires that I work. (And. sssshhhhh. I like to work.)

But, you know what? My kids are healthy. They rarely go to the doctor other than for well baby visits. They haven't had to go for a sick visit in almost a year.

Ray is off the charts smart. She is truly amazing and impresses all of her teachers. She was counting to ten in spanish before she was 18 months old. Chay is 100% personality, and a happy one at that. He's one of those full of charm dudes that can steal your heart in a second.
Chay is also an awesome ball thrower. As stupid as that may sound, it actually takes skill to have a good arm. He's going to be a sportsman one day. Although, I predict he'll be better at football (defense) than baseball, because, while he can throw, his tackle is killer.

Ray is a beautiful dancer and she hasn't even had any training yet. She loves to dance and, I believe, will be a brilliant talent one day.
I always strive to be a better mom. I wish I had more patience. I wish I had more cooking skills. I wish I had more time to play with them. I wish I just had more time, in general.

But, today is my birthday and my present to myself is this – I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I am a good mom. I know that in my heart. At least for today.

My neon flowers that Ray chose for me. I really am loved!

Friday, August 22, 2008


Do you want to know what is really nasty? Chicken nuggets dipped in applesauce. That's what Ray ate for dinner tonight.

And I thought it was gross when she dipped the chicken in ketchup.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Back Another Day

Fay has decided to go across the northern side of the state because, obviously, disrupting life in the southern half wasn't enough. Today we had to deal with the southernly rain bands, which were nothing but bad storms. But rain nonetheless.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Its Windy

And its raining. Looks like we've been spared the big one. And we have power!

Now I just need to entertain Ray and Chay who want to do nothing but go outside. Its going to be a looooong day.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Getting What I Deserve

So, I've checked my bravado at the door. I really believed that Fay was going to go elsewhere. They never go where they say they are. But, now its heading straight for us.

E has spent the day battoning down the hatches. Unfortunately, my lanai has been recreated in my living room, including our massive grill, while the slide and sandbox/watertable is in the dining room. At least the kids will be entertained tomorrow.

Oh, and in my infinite wisdom, I planned on having steaks and veggies on the grill tomorrow night for dinner, just in case we had no electricity. Then a co-worker politely reminded me that we might not want E standing outside grilling in the middle of a hurricane. Well, duh.

I'm a little nervous, but I still have faith that this is going to be a nothing storm. Much ado about nothing.

I hope.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Calm Before the (Non?)Storm

The media is really playing up the storm known as Fay. It could hit anywhere between Southwest Florida and Texas or break up over Cuba, but if you would believe the TV news (don't worry, Dad, I know the newspapers have it all right!) you would think we're heading for the next Hurricane Charley down here.

Want to see what the Gulf looked like today?

Really scary, huh?

Granted, the storm is still over Cuba somewhere, and only time will tell what is going to happen. But some of my neighbors have already totally freaked out, emptied their lanais, hung the hurricane shutters, and gotten out of dodge. Then there are those like me and E, ready to ride out the storm.

E and I discussed our options if a really big storm came through in the future (I still hold a firm belief that Fay is going to be nothing more than a 1, if even that, and if it were to take landfall here). We've agreed that we are willing to hang in through and up to a low three hurricane. Anything above and beyond that we're probably packing up depending on the situation, maybe higher depending on where landfall hit.

So, yeah. We're in a holding pattern here. My hope? Fay comes in low and does enough damage that it can stimulate the construction industry around here (and E can find work!) but no one gets seriously injuried or experiences so much damage that they can't recover. Is that too much to ask for?

Monday, August 11, 2008

"I'm Not Max!" aka The Happy Birthday Post!

Happy birthday, Chay!

Two years ago yesterday, you were forced out of my body into the world. Sorry, little dude, but you were one big boy and the doctors were worried about leaving you in there for too long. Other than those three unnecessary days in the NICU when you were three to six days old, I think you faired pretty well.

Please check out Chay's jersey. He picked out his birthday outfit. He would not wear anything other than a Redskins jersey. Godfather T should be proud.

The morning of Chay's birthday, Ray played that they were Ruby and Max. Every time she tried to call him Max, he said, "Not Max" while shaking his head forcefully. After about an hour and a half of being called Max, he became very upset and yelled, "I NOT MAX. I CHAY!" Ray got his point, eventually.

However, he didn't get his point across to the rest of us because throughout the rest of the day I couldn't resist calling him Max. He did, slowly, start playing along and at least grinned when he said "Not Max" while shaking his head.

And we discovered that Chay melts down when he's the center of attention. The above picture is him while we were singing Happy Birthday.

He obviously got over it...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Patient at the Door with a Gun

My friend, Mo, emailed me the other day requesting support for her good friend, Michele Davidson. Michele gave birth to a son back in May, 2007, who, due to delays in the delivery, is now a quadriplegic and suffers from severe birth defects. This past spring, Michele, allegedly, entered her doctor and his wife's home with a gun and threatened to kill herself. But first, they would have to wait as long as she did to give birth, which I understand from news reports to be an hour and a half. The doctor's 11 year old child was able to escape and called police. Michele is now in jail awaiting bond, which she's been denied three times. She has not seen any of her children since May.

This headline and all of the above info is available in the Washington Post. Please read the story which I linked to up there ^. It will give you a detailed account of what happened and both sides of the story.

I know Michele. Not as closely as my friend Mo, who considers her one of her good friends. But, I have hung out with her a few times with Mo. If I had not left Virginia for Florida, I may have become better friends with her. The few times I met her I had a fun time and really enjoyed talking to her. She came across as a really good and caring person. E seemed to get along with her husband pretty well, too. And, I trust Mo's taste in friends. She and her husband are good people who I know would not hang with unsavory types.

I am writing this post as dry as possible for a reason. I want your opinion on this story without any influence from my comments. Who do you think is at fault here?

ETA: Maybe the question isn't who is at fault. Obviously, there are a lot of unanswered questions in the story that I have provided. I don't have the full story, only what has been made available to me. The better question may be how can we make the system better? On both sides?

ETAA: Oh, come on., leave a comment! I've had a slew of new visitors, and I know you have opinions. I truly want to hear them regardless of the point of view.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She Continues to Break My Heart

I just finished putting Ray to bed. During the winding down phase, Ray and I had the following conversation:

Ray: Mommy, promise me something.

Me: What's that, Ray?

Ray: Promise me you won't go to work anymore.

Me: Oh, honey, I wish I could promise you that, but I just can't.

Ray: But, Mooooommmmyyyyyy, I have plenty of money in my piggy bank. Lots and lots and lots and lots of money. Please?

Me: I wish I could baby.

Oh, how I wish I could. But then I remember the really scared email I sent to G-mawie and realize that I just am not cut out for stay at home momdom.

I think it would be easier on her if she was back in school full time. For the last two weeks she's spent Monday and Tuesday at home with E. And, unfortunately for everyone, E has had a bad case of the gout which has rendered him crippled for a day and a half. While he's alone with the kids. Two days in a row. Poor thing is just bored!

E is always a great dad to the kids and finds all kinds of interesting ways to entertain them. But when he has the gout as badly as he has the past day and a half, he really just can't walk. Finally, last night I had to take him to the urgent care to get him meds so that he could just sleep, let alone walk.

Seriously, I can't wait until E gets a job and all is back to normal in our world!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mommies Shouldn't Have to Work

E called me at work today to relay the following story:

While driving home from the grocery store, Ray asked E where I was. His response, "She's at work."

Ray: Daddy, Mommy needs to stop working.

E: Well, unfortunately she has to work so that she can make money to pay the bills.

Ray: But, Daddy, I miss her.

E: Yes, I miss her too. But just like Daddy, Mommy needs to work to make money so that we can have toys and yummy treats.

Ray: Daddy, I have lots of money in my piggy bank. I'll give it to her so that she doesn't have to work.

Doesn't she just make your heart melt?