Friday, October 17, 2008


I took Ray and Chay to the Pirate Playdate tonight (which was awesome, BTW. But I had to wear a pink apron since I was technically "working" and we all know how much I hate pink. Oh, some of you don't know me. So here's a piece of trivia. I hate pink). Ashley had a ton of cup cakes left over so I volunteered to take them to Ray's class as a special treat. Then I proceeded to forget the cupcakes and Aileen had to chase me down so that I could take them.

And, apparentally I forgot that today is Friday and Ray doesn't have school tomorrow. Somehow I don't think that the 50 cupcakes I lugged home will last until Monday, whether they get eaten or thrown away due to staleness. I'm thinking Ray needs to have a bake sale tomorrow.

Ray has picked up on the fact that I've lost my mind. On the way to the car after being chased down by a cupcake toting Aileen, Ray said, "Mommy, you forget things a lot. Like really a lot."

I guess she's still hurting from all those times that I forgot her blanket and sleeping friends for naptime at school. Or, the past two Mondays where I've forgotten to take her dance clothes and ballet slippers for dance class. I could go on but I'm beginning to get a complex.

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Melodie said...

I forget everything all of the time, too. I think about the stuff I need to remember all of the time and then when it comes down to it, I totally forget. Right now, I'm worried that I'm going to forget to bring my teaching supplies with me to teach Sunday school in the morning.