Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Preparation, The Event, and The Aftermath

The Preparation

E picked Ray and Chay up early from school on Thursday so that they could go to the pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins. They each picked out what he was going to carve - Ray picked a witch and Chay picked a ghoul.

They also insisted on helping to gut the pumpkin.

Chay's World: "I want pumpkin guts!"

Here was our very successful end product:

According to E Mom, we had many compliments on the pumpkins

The Event

We tried to prepare as much as possible, but things were still a whirlwind. We learned our lesson last week and dressed Chay first. However, even though he was wearing the frog hat an hour before, he still wouldn't wear it when the time came. Ray, of course, made a beautiful Belle.

Since we weren't going to be home, we sat Grandma at the end of the driveway to hand out candy and drink.

This is Grandma after a few vodkas while handing out candy. Love ya, Grandma!

Our entourage included our neighbors Joe the Plumber (not the famous one), his soon to be ex wife, Kristen, and SpongeBob, their four year old daughter.


E made that situation really comfortable when he yelled to the girls, "Y'all be good. Just act like you're loyal to your husband!"

Screeching hault.

Joe the Plumber and Kristen and I stopped in our tracks with glaring stares. I gave Kristen full permission to kill him. She lovingly didn't take me up on it.

Let's move on.

Belle and SpongeBob grab some candy

We would have had a whole lot more loot at the end of the night if Chay had actually participated. He's a stubborn little dude and refused to trick or treat.

The first house we went to, they gave lollipops, which he insisted on eating first thing. He also insisted on not collecting any more candy until he was done with that lollipop. So he skipped ten houses. And, strangely, he was fine with that.

This is the frog king who won't trick or treat

Overall, we had a great halloween. We partied hard, ate lots of candy and didn't sleep. Wow, that made for a cranky Saturday.


The Aftermath

Spongebob tripped over a speedbump which ended our trick-or-treating prematurely. We really wanted to keep going, but since Spongebob was down for the count, Belle wanted nothing to do with continuing on. And, since Chay had his most recent lollipop, he didn't care about moving on either. So we gave up and had a party and Joe the Plumber's house.

While decompressing, Ray realized she had some blisters as a result of her Belle shoes. Nurse Spongebob was a huge help in applying bandaids:

Thanks, Nurse Spongebob!

We didn't get the kids into bed until midnight. Ray woke up from a nightmare at 4:30 am; Chay at 6 am. The house was active by 9. I'm exhausted, Good Night!

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Melodie said...

We finished our trick-or-treating by 8:00, but Sarah was at a party, and I had to stay up late to pick her up at 11:00. So, I'm pretty freakin' tired, too.

Happy Halloween!