Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She Stuck It Up Her Nose

I'm sitting here applying for jobs and needed to post this because it is so unlike a Ray thing to do.

She's in the bedroom watching Backyardigans while we wait for Chay to wake up from his nap. She ran out and told E that she was picking her nose. Uhm. OK.

Then she came to the front room and told me that the key was in her nose.

Me: Huh? A key? In your nose?

Ray: Yeah. Its stuck up there, way up there. (Points to her nose). The white thing. Its in my nose.

Me: E, do you know what she's talking about? Ray, blow like you are blowing your nose.

Ray: I can't! It hurts.

Me: (Thinking, oh lordy, we have no health insurance and can't afford to go to the emergency room for a key that may, or may not, be in her nose.)

E: Blow hard (while holding her right nostril closed).

And low and behold, a shell flew out of Ray's nose.

A flipping shell! Why would she stick it up her nose? That's something I expect Chay to do, not my girl!


Jeanmarie said...

Em did the same thing with a bead. At age 4. Seriously.

Mekhismom said...

Wow, I am glad that the shell came out without having to visit the emergency room. Kids really do the strangest things!

Mitch said...

Jeanmarie left a comment! I am so proud of you!

I actually remember when Em did that. Those crazy 4 year olds ;)

Mitch said...

Welcome, mekhismom!