Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Days with Daddy

Ray and Chay were home with E for the past two days while I was at work. Since he's still not working full time, he is going to keep them home for a couple days a week, which is nice that the kids get to spend some good bonding time with him since they don't get a whole lot of time alone together.

I was quite jealous yesterday, though. It was my first, very stressful, day at my new job and what did they get to do? Go on a nature hike!

How pretty and peaceful does that look?

Ray found a pink tree:

Where are we -- in Seussville?

Much to Ray and Chay's dismay, they didn't get to see an otter in the otter pond, nor did they get to see a duck in the duck pond. They DID get to see an alligator in the alligator pond. Ray wasn't all that impressed though because, as she put it, there's an alligator in the pond at the soccer field. I guess she's all "been there, done that" with alligators.

But how cute is that? Its a baby alligator!

This is one huge Cypress tree (I think) that they saw:

How would you like to climb that thing?

And, from what I understand, everyone got along all day.

Sista and Brudder

Which, according to E, is more than I can say about today.

Apparentally, Ray was all about challenging daddy and fighting Chay today. They went to the fountains again, and Ray hurt her foot badly enough that it was bleeding. (Note to future Ray -- you won't make a good doctor). A fight soon ensued over the type of bandaids they were going to buy (Princesses vs. Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty was the same price as regular bandaids while Princesses warranted a $1 more. A dollar more? Seriously? Needless to say, daddy won.)

Then, as a special treat, he took them to McDonald's. Ray proceeded to throw a fit because there was ketchup on her cheeseburger. E only ordered her cheeseburger like that because THAT'S THE WAY SHE ALWAYS WANTS IT. I guess just not today, though.

She refused to nap, as always, but fell asleep at 4:30 on the way to Home Depot, and I'm guessing that only made the HD trip that much more difficult. Oh, and while he was folding laundry, she knocked over a pile of t-shirts. On purpose. Then laughed when she was punished. Challenging authority much?

As much fun (and challenging) it is to be home with Ray and Chay, I think E is exhausted after two full days alone with them. Ha!


Lipstick said...

Beautiful pictures! (Love the Dr. Seuss comment about the creepy pink tree).

Mekhismom said...

A agree with lipstick, the photos are fantastic. And I love with our husbands get a chance to experience home alone with the little ones. It is fun for everyone involved and I think they end up with a greater appreciation for mom.