Sunday, July 6, 2008

Keep the Tourists at Bay

Papa and E played golf on Saturday. E, of course, hurt his elbow. Shocker. He manages to hurt himself just clipping his toenails, so it’s not a golf game without a few injuries. He did get a birdie, which we have not stopped hearing about.* While they played golf, the women (i.e., Nana and Mitch) hit the beach with the mini-mes.

The beach is a semi-private beach which can only be accessed by boat however, it is shared with a rather large four-star hotel, which shall remain nameless. The local members own the first boat allowed to land on the island, so at approximately 9:55 am we were in our lounge chairs (and by “in our lounge chairs” I mean throwing our stuff at the chairs while chasing Ray and Chay into the water).

The hotel’s boat usually arrives about a half hour later, so at roughly 10:30 am the tourists arrived. It really is such a peaceful half hour at the beach between 10 and 10:30.

The family that took up the space next to us was a mirror image of the Ray and Chay family – a thirty-some curly haired mom (slightly overweight, but with red, instead of brown, hair) and an older (slightly skinnier) dad.* The children were a little older. The girl was around 4 ½, and a little timid in the water. The boy was 2 ½ and NOT scared of anything. The kicker? Mom pulled out a bottle of wine (at 10:30 am, mind you) and poured herself a plastic glass full. Now, that’s my kind of girl.

If you can’t drink at 10:30 am at the beach while on vacation, when can you?

*I say this in the most lovingly way.

The Princess Awaits Her Snack of Grapes

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