Monday, July 21, 2008


Nine people. One 2000 square foot house.

One Queen Mother. Two brothers. Two wives (regardless of legalities). Two teenagers. And, Ray and Chay.

Friday night upon arrival: Dinner and a movie. Relaxing enough.

Saturday: Three hours at the pool. Three dozen blue crabs. One trip to the beach for a sunset. A school (is that what they are called?) of stingrays. A meal at the beach bar with a couple of beers with live music under the stars. Priceless.

Sunday: Two bus rides to/from the parking lot. Two boat rides. One beach visited. Two manatees, a couple of dolphins, a few pelicans diving, and thousands of baby clams burrowing into the sand. Three movies watched upon arrival home, three fights among the teenage siblings, one timeout for Chay, and one very needed drive for me and Tracy. And, finally, one pot of E's famous chili.

Monday: 7:00 am. Goodbye Uncle Mark, Tracy, Lindsey and Shawn! We loved having you.

Tomorrow's post: An ode to Cousins

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