Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Tumble Bus

The Tumble Bus visits Ray's school once a week -- its basically an old school bus that a woman bought and reconfigured it into a gymnastics area of sorts. Ray loves it and she's learned a ton of acrobatic moves that I could never dream of doing even when I was as flexible as she is now. Every once in awhile she wants to show Chay what she's learned so we pull the cushions off the couch and they tumble around pretty safely for awhile. But then there are times where the (dare)devil comes out and they do this:

Chay gets his brave suit on.

What's that on the TV? I have no idea.

Like this Chay:
Ray takes a flying leap.

Chay, you are supposed to jump out, not straight down.

Now you've got it!
Ooh. What's Emeril making?

Let's try again...



1 comment:

AFRo said...

Awe. I like these pictures! But that really did have to hurt... it hurt just thinking about it.