Monday, June 2, 2008

He's a Holy Terror

Chay was in time out 6 times yesterday all within the span of about three hours. The kid just will not listen to "no" no matter how many times, how sternly, or how loudly I say it (trust me, I tried every approach possible). He thinks that when I say "no" I mean that I want him to grin at me devilishly and do it anyway. I am also tired of playing chase. When I say come here I need to change your diaper/put your clothes on/wipe your face I do not mean run away from me to the other end of the house while shrieking. Really. I would love it if he would stop throwing food on the floor for the dog to eat later. And, the hitting? That needs to stop. NOW.

Ray wasn't like this. I officially like little girls better. Okay, not really, but last night I missed my sweet little boy. The one I have now is defective.

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