Monday, June 16, 2008

Of Attitudes and Unicorns

At the last minute, as it seems we always do, we decided to go to Tampa and play at Busch Gardens for the weekend. We have that year long pass and all, so why not?

I think I've said before, but it needs to be repeated; Ray calls tattoos "attitudes." We are not clear as to why, but she says it and we've accepted it. Saturday was a rough day, for a variety of reasons that I will not get into. But, she was promised an attitude if she was good in the final hours of the day, which she was:

It's purple, of course, as well as a unicorn.
Chay liked his cotton candy.

Our next stop was Jungala, where they decided that they were not scared of snakes:

Yet, they were scared of weird looking blue things:

And, maybe really large tree frogs...

We saw this...

And an elephant came (slowly) bounding through it...

And, here he kept eating that popcorn...

Finally, they fell asleep...

Then there's the face painting:
And we finally got the Unicorn.

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