Monday, March 3, 2008

New Body Nicknames: Apples and Bull

Chay is all about new words lately. Today, we learned the new body part names.

Last night we were going over body parts and he was obsessed with learning the word for his nipples. Tonight, he ran around the house pinching his nipples saying "apple." An obvious toddler-ism for future reference.

But the name "Bull" for a certain body part has taken us by surprise. When he first started walking we called him Bull. He ran into everything head first and he still does. But the Bull nickname kind of fell out of our repretoire in favor of other just as appropriate nicknames, until Chay resurrected it tonight.

After bath time, I dried Chay off and sent his naked butt into the living room to be diapered up. All the way down the hall, Chay grabbed his penis and yelled, "Bull, Bull, Bull!" Then he ran up to E, and continued pointing at his penis saying, "Bull, Bull, Bull!" E called me to clarify that he really was calling his penis "Bull" and I can confirm that he was, in fact, calling his penis "Bull."

We are not keeping the "Apples" nickname -- its sure too cause future confusion. But "Bull" is sticking around.


Jena said...

This is so funny! I just did a penis post on my blog and I was searching through my past posts when I saw your comment and clicked on it. It must be the week for toddlers and their junk. What am I saying? My boys talks about his CONSTANTLY!

Jena said...

My BOY, that is. Dang! I hate not being able to correct that!