Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let Me Remind You of the Spaz

See that dog over there <--? That is the Spaz.

See how he looks like he wants to eat something? Well, he does. He is growling at the two cats who spend their days in the lanai behind us.

I promise, the Spaz is friendly and is the sweetest dog ever. He is just intimidating and still acts like a puppy even though he's 6 years old. Its the mixed breed in him I guess.
But I digress.

The first night that we owned our home, we were so excited and left the sliding doors open to the lanai so we could appreciate the beautiful Florida weather that we now owned a part of. Ray and the Spaz had free roam of a screened in lanai for the first time in their lives.

See that screen that he's looking through today?

Remember those cats across the way in another screened in lanai?

The first time the Spaz saw those cats he ran straight through that screen, did a couple of somersaults, and ended up with shredded screen around his neck/legs/body/ears. He immediately came limping back to us with his head between his legs and wimpering all the way.
The people behind us still don't like us because he barks at their cats, but they are confident that he'll never come after them when he's on the lanai again. And, he won't, I can guarantee it. How could you not love this total Spaz of a dog?

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