Friday, March 28, 2008

Yummy Water. With Ice. Of course.

I have never given Ray and Chay juice, willingly. This is not a judgment on those that do, I just never found it necessary to give them juice. It can get expensive, and quite frankly, we're damn poor. Also, and more importantly, its just not healthy. So, other than milk at select mealtimes, they really have never expected juice from me, nor do they want it.

With that background, you will appreciate the following conversations:

Ray: Mommy, I want water. With ice. Please give me water. With ice.
Me: OK, go get your cup.
Chay: Grunt. Grunt. (Waiving his sippy cup and pointing at the fridge.) Grunt. Grunt.
Me: What? Do you want ice in your water?
Chay: (Nods yes)
Me: Chay, can you fly?
Chay: (Nods yes) (Continues to shake his cup at the fridge.) Grunt. Grunt.
Ray: Here you go, mommy. But I want two ice. To make my water cold. Because I looove water.
Me: With ice of course. (Handing both Chay and Ray their respective waters.)
Ray: Of course. (Drinking a big sip.) Aaaahhhhh. Yummy, water. I looove water, mommy. I dream of yummy water all day.
Me: You dream of yummy water all day?
Ray: Yes, Mommy. Its my favorite. (Takes another big drink of water, with ice.) Oh, I love water.

And, then:

Chay: (Pointing at Ray's sippy sitting on the counter.) Grunt. Grunt.
Me: Chay, do you want water?
Chay: (Nods yes)
Me: Chay, can you fly?
Chay: (Nods yes) Grunts. (And, continues to point at Ray's cup.)
Me: Here you go, buddy. (Hands Chay Ray's cup).
Ray: (Seeing Chay with her cup.) No!!!! That's my water! That's my ice! NOOO!!!!!
E: Ray, we'll get you another cup of water.
Ray: No, no other water is like that water! I want my water!
E: No, really, the water we'll give you comes from the same spout that your old water came from. It will taste the same and I'll even give you two new pieces of ice.
Ray: No. Here is his sippy cup. There's water in it already. Now give me mine.

OK, now add the three year old speach impediment. And you really will get the idea of our evening tonight.

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