Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its Only Taken a Year and a Half...

But E finally got his Residential Contractors License! Yippee!

Let's follow the journey, shall we?

October 2006 -- E started his classes to study for the state tests.

December 2006 -- E took the test. He passed with flying colors (like a rainbow colored horse with wings?)!

August 2007 -- We submitted his application. It took awhile to find a sponsor that qualified because we had not lived in Florida for long enough, and the qualifications for out of state sponsors are much more strict. We finally were able to track down the architect that E had done work for in Virginia. We thank our lucky (rainbow colored) stars to this day that that guy was impressed enough with E's work to sponsor him.

October 2007 -- The State tells us they need additional information. What? It takes two months to figure that out?

November 2007 -- I submitted the information they requested (we were moving the shop so it took longer than expected. I know. I'm a slacker, but really, we're real people, just trying to survive. I'm just sayin').

February 2007 -- I was getting the run around by the State so my dad called in the big guns, i.e., a state senator he knows, to look into what the hell was the problem.

February 2007 -- Turns out the State lost the updated information. Miracle workers, they really are. I re-submitted the information.

March 2007 -- E received a message from the State saying his license was approved. He has a license number and everything! He's the real deal. Well, not really. They said it will be another 10 - 12 days before we receive the official paperwork. But, really, he's big time now! Hey, E, I'm one proud wife!

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