Sunday, February 24, 2008

Time Out

We started time outs with Chay Friday night. He threw that ball at me again right in the middle of my eyes, and I had had it (does that read right??? had had it????). So we put him in time out in his highchair because we can't keep him in a regular chair without locking him up. Guess what, he laughed. And sat there happily until we gave up 15 minutes later. Saturday he was in time out ~10 times before noon. Again, laughing all the way. Time outs aren't working.

With Ray we didn't start time outs until she turned two. But she was much more responsive to alternative discipline before that. Chay does not. He is hard headed and thinks that the time outs/hand slaps/finger pointings/etc. are hilarious. Seriously. This is a new struggle that I've never dealt with before. Shockingly.

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