Monday, February 25, 2008

Chay, She's Got Your Back

E picked Ray and Chay up from school today and related the following story to me:

"You would be proud of your daughter today, Mitch! She fought for her brother. She was at the water fountain getting a drink, and Chay was walking around waiting for her. The kids started coming in from outside and JuJu started yelling, 'Hey, look! Its Diaper Boy!' referring to Chay, of course. In a sing songy voice JuJu started singing, 'Diaper Boy, Diaper Boy' and a couple of the other kids started singing too. Ray jumped down from the water fountain, got up in JuJu's face, and yelled 'Hey! That's not Diaper Boy! He's my brother and his name is Chay*** *****!' You should have seen the look on JuJu's face. It was classic!"

First, and most importantly, she loves her brother. I've always known it, but this is just further proof. Despite their frequent fights, they are always hugging/running/playing with each other and are basically inseparable.

Second, how cute and innocent are JuJu's taunts to get Ray's attention? Calling her little brother "Diaper Boy"? "Diaper Boy" is not a real insult -- fact is, Chay wears a diaper. JuJu just recently advanced up to Ray's class; a feat that could not be accomplished until he was himself out of diapers. I guess he feels all proud of his big, bad self.

Third, I guess this ends Ray's love affair with her JuJu. Her first love letter was written to him. Sad, I saw a bright future for those two.

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