Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Of Balloons and Pee Pees

I had an HOA meeting last night, so I strictly told E not to call me unless it was an absolute emergency. Of course, he calls me just as the meeting starts and I go into panic mode. Here is about how our conversation went --

E: You know that pink balloon Ray was playing with?

Mitch: Yeah, what happened?

E: And you know how those balloons suck and deflate really easy?

Mitch: Oh, crap. Did Chay choke on one?

E: No, he's fine. Ray's fine too.

Mitch: Then hurry up and get to the point (and in my head I'm saying "Then why in the hell are you calling me?")

E: Because Ray found the balloon and you know how it kind of looks like a finger now?

Mitch: Will you hurry up already?

E: Ray just ran up to me and said "Daddy, Daddy! This balloon looks like Chay's pee pee!" Oh, shit, Chay just knocked over the gate. Gotta go.


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