Monday, February 4, 2008

A Clumsy Little Cuss

Chay doesn't walk; he runs. Usually right into a wall. Talk about clumsy.

We went to an art festival yesterday, and I kind of regret it. It was hot, the kids were cranky, and we couldn't get close to any of the art for fear of grimey mini me hands breaking something. By the end of the afternoon, I was carrying a bawling Ray, and Chay was running in the opposite direction of the exit. He's a fast little bugger and I couldn't catch up to him (its not easy to run while carrying a 32 pound three year old). He ran full speed into a display table, the lip of which was right at the level of his mouth. He wasn't hurt, just a little startled that the table would so rudely jump out in front of him like that. But I was a little overwhelmed because now I had two screaming children wanting to be held. And, where was E during all of this drama? Getting an ice cream bar.

Chay does things like that all of the time. When he was around 15 months, he was standing by the couch. All of a sudden he started running as fast as his little legs could move him. Straight towards the entertainment center. Which is about 12 feet straight ahead. He didn't even try to slow down before he hit it. He fell backwards and just kind of laid there looking up at the ceiling. At first I was worried because he made no movement or any noise for at least 10 seconds. Then he slowly stood up and shook it off. And took off running towards the kitchen.

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