Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tame Thy Temper

Remember when I said Chay's a lover not a fighter? Not so much anymore. Last night he was a holy terror. I'm seriously starting to dislike having a little boy.

  • After repeatedly being told to stop throwing a plastic ball, he looked me directly in the eyes, grinned and THREW IT AT MY FACE. Hit me square in the eyes.
  • After being told I couldn't read a book to him because I needed to cook dinner, HE THREW THE BOOK AT ME. Luckily, he has bad aim and it just hit the floor. But, man that would have hurt.
  • After repeatedly being told to stop pushing Ray's doll stroller into the entertainment center/wall/cabinets, he RAN DIRECTLY AT ME AND BANGED IT INTO MY LEG.
  • After being told he couldn't have any more blueberries because he already ate a pint of them, he SQUISHED WHAT HE HAD LEFT INTO HIS SHIRT/HAIR/FACE.

Luckily, this morning he was all hugs and kisses, so he's forgiven. Until tonight.

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