Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Need Sleep. And Lots of Water.

We are home, and I am tired. I didn't go to bed before 5 am the last two nights.

I danced.

I did not eat much (except for some kick ass green beans which I will post on the other blog. Oh, and a steak cooked by my homey, Drunka).

I met lots of new people. All of whom were very cool, funny, and just generally great people. I hope to stay friends with many of them. (Talkin' to you Jennie, Garrett, Anthony, Maritza, and Dave!)

I laughed. A lot. In fact, I am still laughing.

I drank more than a 35 year old mother of two should. But it felt good to come out of retirement for awhile. Even though I feel like crap right now.

Ray has three new boyfriends, listed below in order of preference:

  1. Garrett

  2. Drunka

  3. Dave.

Chay has many new girlfriends. He has no preference list. He loves them all equally -- Melo D, Ms. Marion, Jennie.

E realized he can't hang with the cool kids anymore. He spent Saturday praying to the Toilet Goddess.

E also is the best hubby in the world because he stayed home with the Mini Me's so that I could hit the bars.

I really really miss my friends already.

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