Thursday, January 31, 2008

Butt Wipe Addict

Chay is a butt wipe addict. He loves to chew on them. All in their chemical infused glory.

My children have oral satisfactory problems. Ray was addicted to the bink. Now that she's three, she chews her nails.

Chay, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with the bink. He loved his bottle, which I've professed to before. But early in his life, he didn't really seem interested in anything olfactory.

However, he does have a love of butt wipes. I can't keep them out of his mouth. I watch him like, well, a mother, yet he finds them any way he can: clean, used, or just abandoned. He hides them to save them for later. He sucks on them like they are a drug.

I try to watch him (really I do!)., but not only does he know how to open the most complicated box of wipes, he also has a 3 year old sister who feeds his addiction. We have had many talks with them, but I think she feels sympathy since we so rudely stole her bink away.

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