Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Just Found $105 in My Potholders!

Another quirky thing about Grandma is that she likes to hide money in your Christmas gifts. You can pretty much count on getting $250 every Christmas (I know, generous right?). For the men, it is usually in socks or pajama bottoms. For the women, your guess is as good as mine. Often times, though, some of that money gets lost because she can't remember where she hid it. Everyone in the family has been hit one way or another, but the money always shows up at some point, which is always a great treat when you find a $20 bill in your pajama bottoms in June.

This year I was the one that was hit. I was "shorted" $100 this year and was kind of excited to find it one day in the future. Well, tonight was the night! I just pulled out my new potholder glove, put it on my hand and, low and behold, I found a $100 bill! Then, much to my surprise, I found a $5 bill in another potholder glove!

Woo Hoo!

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