Saturday, November 15, 2008

That's Her Deal (So, I Guess I Just Have to Deal with It)

We've been having issues with sleeping in our own beds lately (OK, Ray has had issues with it. I've just been forced to sleep in the guest room with her.) We had the following conversation last night --

Me: Ray, are you going to sleep in your bed all night tonight like you promised?

Ray: That depends, Mommy. When you're awake and I'm asleep, I'll sleep in my bed all night. But when you're asleep and I'm asleep I'll sleep with you. That's my deal.

Me: Excuse me? I don't think I understand.

Ray: Moooommmyyyy. When you are awake, I will sleep in my bed. When you sleep and I sleep I will sleep with you. That's my deal. Leave it or take it.

I told her I'd leave it but it didn't work.

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Melodie said...

How old is Ray? I was hoping that I could get Katie to sleep in her own bed all night by the time she's three.