Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Chicken vs. The Rooster - The Chicken Won

A commercial with a rooster came on the other day, which prompted the following conversation between Ray and Chay:

Chay: Chicken!

Ray: No, Chay. That's a Rooster.

Chay: No Chicken!

Ray: No it’s a Rooster! A Rooster is a different kind of chicken.

Chay: See it a Chicken! Cluck cluck cluck.

Ray: No Roosters don't cluck cluck. They cockadoodledooooooooooooo.

Chay: No, cluck cluck. It a chicken.

Ray: But don't you hear it cockadoodledoing on the tv? See its doing it right now. It’s a rooster.

Chay: Nope. Chicken. It clucks.

Ray: Grrrrrrrr! ITS. A. ROOSTER!!!! (Yelling in Chay's face in frustration by now).

Chay: Nope. Chicken. (With a dirty little grin on his face).

Ray: CHAY! Listen to me! It. is. a. rooster.

Chay: Chicken.

Ray: FINE! I give up.

Chay: See, it a chicken.

1 comment:

Melodie said...

Stubborn always wins!