Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's Talk About Hosiery

I'm interrupting my regular programming for this public service announcement --

Ladies, let’s ban together and ban pantyhose from our wardrobes. Let’s face it, pantyhose are just plain ugly. Don't wear them. Period.

But if you insist on wearing them, let's follow a few simple rules, shall we?

1. Drop the word panty. It’s one of those words that should be banned from the English language. I don't know why but when I hear that word it crawls under my skin and scratches at me for hours. From here on out, it’s just hose, ‘k?

2. Hosiery is not meant to be worn with open toed shoes, especially if they have a reinforced toe. I know, I know, the trend right now is to wear dark hose with dark peep toe shoes, which can be fine assuming everything is black. But strappy sandals with nude hose -- a big no no. If your feet are cold, put on socks and boots. Or try some closed toed heels. There are some really sweet shoes out there when you look for the right style.

3. If you wear an ankle bracelet, take it off before putting on the hose. A scrunched up anklet is tacky, not cute.

Finally, I realize there is a place for hose and all things hosiery. A cool skirt with black tights and boots is a stylish look. And there are certain (archaic) places that require a dress code which mandates no bare legs. I get that.

But, I say, instead of hose, wear pants


Lipstick said...

LOL!! Totally agree.

Melodie said...

When I got married, I wore toe-less hose with my strappy sandals. I haven't checked lately, but I wonder if they still make those?

Angie said...

You used to call them nylons in school,and I don't really remember you ever wearing them, so I can back you up on that!Checking in on your blog- very entertaining!Check your email. LYLAS!