Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Were You on September 11, 2001?

I was listening to Elliot in the Morning on DC101 during my morning commute from Virginia to DC when I heard about the first plane crashing into the Tower. When the second plane hit, like everyone else, we knew it wasn't an accident.

I was stuck in traffic on Constitution Avenue directly next to the White House when I saw random people start running around - a bum jumped up and started yelling into a phone, a guy literally jumped my SUV while screaming into his radio. I knew something was up locally, I just didn't know what. Ten minutes later I learned that the Pentagon had been hit. And, yes, I was still stuck in traffic in front of the White House.

Traffic was at a stand still because local authorities were tightening down the hatches, and I really started to panic. Rumors were coming across the radio that a plane was heading for the Capital, of which I had a direct view.

When I finally made it to work, everyone was in the main conference room watching the footage on CNN. Many were crying because they knew someone in the World Trade Buildings. The rest were crying just because of the horrific events that were unfolding before our eyes.

Rumors ran rampant that bombs had been placed throughout the city, and our law office took the necessary steps to keep us safe. Their major concern though was that we were located directly above Metro Center - a major transfer station for the DC Metro.

Of course, it turns out, we were safe. The threats had just been rumors.

By the time I left the city, it was a ghost town. As I drove over the bridge to Virginia, I was on the phone with E letting him know I was on my way home. When I looked to my left, I couldn't speak. It took my breath away when I saw the Pentagon burning.

The next day the people working in the Pentagon were at work AT THE PENTAGON. They weren't allowed to cry and take a day off to soak it all in. So, I sucked it up and went to work too. But as I drove by the Pentagon while it was still burning, I cried some more. Not just for the Pentagon and our country, but for everyone that died and lost someone the day before in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

God bless you, all. I still feel the pain deeply, and I know everyone else does too.

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