Saturday, September 20, 2008

She's a Big Girl Now (but not until Wednesday)

It is the end of an era. An end to babydom. My big girl is finally getting her well deserved Big Girl Bed!

Ray poses while E (with Chay's help) dismantles Ray's old bed

I must admit that I have been putting off the inevitable and the fact that my first born is growing up. I forced her to stay in a toddler bed for way too long. I know this. But it was my subconscious trying to keep her as my baby forever. Or, I was just too lazy to get her a new bed, take your pick.

However, for months we have had issues with Ray not sleeping in her (too small) bed at night. Inevitably, three to four nights a week I end up sleeping with her in the guest room because she is scared of a monster, Swiper or Ursula. IT HAS TO STOP.

Today, we set up her big girl bed and made such a huge deal about it. Ray is exstatic about, in her words, "my beautiful new cover with dots and flowers and -- ooh, look, there's a purple flower!" She has really embraced her big bed. She loves her new pillows, but she didn't quite grasp the sheet AND comforter concept.

When I asked her if she was going to sleep all night in her big girl bed by herself, she replied, "Not until Wednesday, Mommy. I'm not 4 yet."

Please note Tinkerbell and Ariel jammed in the corner

I really can't wait until Wednesday to get a good night sleep...


Lipstick said...

Adorable pics! BTW, I am very, very impressed that you posted anything given, altered state of your laptop.

Melodie said...

Such a cute little bed! I love the comforter.

Joy said...

I am just jumping over from the closet, and had to comment on this post because my girl has the same bedding, isn't it SO cute anc girly.

Off to read more