Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Tonight, I have been off – just cranky, moody, tired, and not feeling altogether well – the only thing that’s made me happy has been lounging in my favorite PJs that consists of a black tank and lavender sweats. Ray picked up on my mood and was very concerned about me in a very cute lil’ momma way.

During our bedtime routine that consists of four – definitely not three – songs from the classical music CD, we had the following conversation:

Ray: Mommy, are we going to have a fun day tomorrow?

Me: That depends on what you mean by fun. You’ll have fun at school!

Ray: But you have to go to work? I don’t want you to go to work.

Me: I know, I don’t want to go to work either, but you have fun when you’re at school! When you are at school, you have all your friends. Can you tell me who your friends are?

Ray: Hmmmmm. There’s Wyatt, I like Wyatt. And, Kara, Emma, Jackson, and MacKenzie. And, and, and…I can’t remember my best friend’s name.

Me: You can’t remember your best friend’s name?

Ray: Nope, I can’t remember her name. But she wears black. I can’t remember my best friend’s name that wears black. Oh, wait, Mommy! I remember…..

It’s you!

I laughed. And, then I left the room and cried.

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