Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mr. Cranky Pants

The past three days have been hellacious with Chay. He just turned two and has the attitude to show for it. My normally happy boy - not so much anymore.

He's whining. He's crying. Constantly. I don't think he's smiled since Tuesday. I want my boy back!

I think we've narrowed down the problem though to two things.

First, he's frustrated. He doesn't speak very well (yet another thing to worry me) and I think he is getting frustrated because he can't get his point across. Anytime he wants something, its like playing three guesses. By the time we finally figure it out, he's so upset that whatever it is he wanted, well, he doesn't want anymore. Ray is doing her best to interpret for us, but sometimes, even she can't figure it out.

Second, could he be going through a growth spurt? All he wants to do is eat and sleep. He ate two breakfasts this morning in one sitting. As soon as we get him home from school, he needs to eat again -- an hour before his dinnertime. Today at the water park, where he normally is a fish, he kept yelling "Nap! Nap! Want Nap!" And at night he's begging to go to bed 45 minutes before his normal bedtime.

What gives? Is two years old a normal time for a growth spurt? Shouldn't he be able to talk more by now? I'm not normally such a worry wart, but seriously, this just isn't Chay. Make it stop!

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Jeanmarie said...

Poor Chay!!! (and you!) Not that I have any experience since I have only one kid, but the second child of most of my friends and neighbors spoke later than their first kids. So I think that's pretty normal. As far as his eating and sleeping, that sounds like a typical growth spurt, but I would maybe just give the pediatrician's office a call just to make sure . . . How are you guys?? Are you getting affected by Gustav?