Monday, August 11, 2008

"I'm Not Max!" aka The Happy Birthday Post!

Happy birthday, Chay!

Two years ago yesterday, you were forced out of my body into the world. Sorry, little dude, but you were one big boy and the doctors were worried about leaving you in there for too long. Other than those three unnecessary days in the NICU when you were three to six days old, I think you faired pretty well.

Please check out Chay's jersey. He picked out his birthday outfit. He would not wear anything other than a Redskins jersey. Godfather T should be proud.

The morning of Chay's birthday, Ray played that they were Ruby and Max. Every time she tried to call him Max, he said, "Not Max" while shaking his head forcefully. After about an hour and a half of being called Max, he became very upset and yelled, "I NOT MAX. I CHAY!" Ray got his point, eventually.

However, he didn't get his point across to the rest of us because throughout the rest of the day I couldn't resist calling him Max. He did, slowly, start playing along and at least grinned when he said "Not Max" while shaking his head.

And we discovered that Chay melts down when he's the center of attention. The above picture is him while we were singing Happy Birthday.

He obviously got over it...


Lipstick said...

Happy Birthday!

Love that Lightning McQueen cake!

Jeanmarie said...

Uncle T would agree with you Chay, you're not Max!!! Happy Birthday!! We love you and miss you!