Monday, August 25, 2008

Its My Birthday and I Refuse to Feel Guilty

I feel like a failure most days, honestly, as a parent. I let my children watch TV. I send them to daycare. I work. I give them popcicles pretty much once a day. Their idea of a good dinner includes chicken/grilled cheese/mac and cheese and fruit.

Of all of those, though, my biggest guilt inducer is that I work full time. I would love to spend my days with my kids. I would love to be their full time teacher. Unfortunately, today's economy requires that I work. (And. sssshhhhh. I like to work.)

But, you know what? My kids are healthy. They rarely go to the doctor other than for well baby visits. They haven't had to go for a sick visit in almost a year.

Ray is off the charts smart. She is truly amazing and impresses all of her teachers. She was counting to ten in spanish before she was 18 months old. Chay is 100% personality, and a happy one at that. He's one of those full of charm dudes that can steal your heart in a second.
Chay is also an awesome ball thrower. As stupid as that may sound, it actually takes skill to have a good arm. He's going to be a sportsman one day. Although, I predict he'll be better at football (defense) than baseball, because, while he can throw, his tackle is killer.

Ray is a beautiful dancer and she hasn't even had any training yet. She loves to dance and, I believe, will be a brilliant talent one day.
I always strive to be a better mom. I wish I had more patience. I wish I had more cooking skills. I wish I had more time to play with them. I wish I just had more time, in general.

But, today is my birthday and my present to myself is this – I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I am a good mom. I know that in my heart. At least for today.

My neon flowers that Ray chose for me. I really am loved!


AFRo said...

Happy Birthday Girl! We all feel the same tinge of guilt from time to time, but this is our lives and we have to enjoy every last bit of it... I hope you double dipped on the enjoying part today!

Lipstick said...

Happy birthday!!!! Don't feel guilty for working! I couldn't stay at home...I would be so depressed. My little ones like their mommy with some balance in her life. I need the schedule, the interaction. BTW, my little ones completely flourished in daycare. It has been great for our family. Sorry so long...I really was just going to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Jeanmarie said...

No need to feel ANY guilt. Your kids are happy, talented, well-adjusted children and that comes from them knowing their mommy loves them and would go to the ends of the earth for them! You are a fabulous Mom! Lots of love from your friends in VA . . . hope you had a great day!!!