Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tough Guy

Ever since The Bull was a tiny little dude, I swore his first hair cut was going to be a mohawk. I could imagine the cute little one year old Bull with a tough dude haircut, and my heart melted. But when we took him for his first haircut, the barber refused. Said it was "too difficult". Whatever. So my dreams of a mohawk were quashed forever. (Am I being a little dramatic? Uhm, yeah, maybe, but I really was disappointed!)

But E took Chay to a decent barber yesterday and I am proud to announce....

my little Bull has a mohawk! It should be spikier, but this is after an evening's worth of head its a little flat. But it is so cool! Finally, a hair cut to live up to his native American name.

He had to show off his tattoo from the Lee County Fair... along with the attitude:

And, apparentally, he was bragging to the barber and the barber's pops that he also was a biker dude "cuz I like motorcycles." He's one tough dude.
Unfortunately, I think the tough dude hair cut went to his head, literally AND figuratively. He was rotten at school today. Every single part of his report for the day was filled with "Needed
Guidance" and "Did Not Follow Directions". Ooohhhhh......he was in trouble.
His response when E disciplined him tonight? "Dad, I'm a tough guy!"
Our response? "We're growing your hair long and going to start curling it."
How you like that, tough guy?

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