Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Live with Oscar and Felix

Ray and Chay are complete opposites when it comes to cleanliness. Chay doesn't let me touch him after a run until I take shower because he doesn't want me to make him "stinky." Ray doesn't care and will hug me to her hearts content no matter how sweaty I am.

Chay can't stand to be "sticky" after eating a breakfast of waffles and syrup with his hands and immediately runs off to the bathroom to wash up. Ray, who uses a fork to eat waffles and syrup, is fine without washing up, so we have to remind her after every meal to wash her hands.

And, then, there are their rooms.

We have to force Ray to clean her room every day. Exhibit A:
No. I am not proud. Please note how the bottom of her baby crib next to her bed is on the floor, instead of, well, acting as the bottom of the baby crib. And, why is there a random hanger on the floor? Surprisingly, her princess dresses are hanging up on the hooks Dad installed. She must have decided not to play with those this particular day.
Exhibit B:

The rest of the room. I am embarassed to post this picture, but I'm all about honesty. She is a slob. But we're working on it.
And then there is Chay, who (attempts) to clean his room on his own, because every single item has its own place. Granted, it might not be where I think it should be, but I do not argue with him. Because, I know, he puts a special effort into making his room organized.

Exhibit A:
His dresser, which I will accept as clean for a three year old. Come on. Tell me your dresser looks this nice.
Exhibit B:

Please note how he tries to make his bed with his tiny blanket (He refuses to sleep with a comforter, its rather frustrating, but its not worth the fight.). He also makes sure his toys are in the bin next to his bed. His drum set is placed against the wall with his sticks within reach on the dresser. Yes, his shoes are laying there on the floor, but that is where his favorite pair goes. Ask him why, I don't know. The rest go up on the dresser. He has a place for everything, in his three year old way.

My girl and boy are complete opposites, in almost every single way. Does anyone else have a clean obsessed kid and a slob another?

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