Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stinky Butts

What is it with boys and their poop? Chay could not care less about having poop in his diaper. He will go hours (yeah, sometimes I forget to check, call me a bad mom, k?) in poop without complaint. Sometimes I only find out because I pick him up and he's squished it all around to the point that its coming out the top of his diaper and between his legs. I've managed to train Ray to let me know when he's pooped, and, trust me, she's not afraid to check. She gives him random checks about every ten minutes if she happens to smell something she thinks may be poop. And god forbid he toots. She immediately insists we change his diaper because "Mooommmyyy, he's got a stinky butt!"

You see, Ray has never liked having a stinky butt. As evidence, I present the following photographic evidence (can you tell I've worked with litigators for 13 years?) taken when Ray was 16 months old:

I pooped. Please change my diaper. Whaa.

Look! I'm walking funny 'cause there's shit in my diaper! Whaaa!

Why isn't anyone changing my diaper yet?

Mommy, please make Mr. Chris stop taking my picture. And, by the way, change my damn diaper!

Whee! I've got a clean butt!

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Dre the Texican said...

Re: the last photograph in this post. My husband nearly has a nervous breakdown every time he sees our Sweet Pea in this pose. He gives her a lecture on neck support safety. She's almost 2. LOL