Friday, April 4, 2008

It Was Bound to Happen (I Just Didn't Think It Would So Soon)

She said the "B" word. We aren't even sure where she learned it. Sure, E and I cuss like sailors, but the B word isn't a common one we use. I'm guessing she learned it from someone at school, because she definitely said it knowing she wasn't supposed to.

I was standing at the desk casually checking my email when Ray walked by muttering under her breath, "She's such a bitch." And then kept on walking past me into our bedroom. It took me a minute and then it hit me, "Wait, did she just say what I think she said?"

E: Huh? (That's his typical response. He's a caveman, that one.)

Me: I think she just called me a bitch. Ray, what did you just say?

Ray: (Looking sheepish. And guilty.) Nothing. I didn't say nothing.

Me: Ray, tell me what you said.

Ray: But, mommy, I didn't say anything!

Me: Ray, I want to know what you said.

Ray: (Whispers.) I said she's such a bitch.

Me: OK, we need to talk.

Then we did. We talked about words we don't say, why we don't say them, and how important it is to only say nice things about other people. I also asked her exactly who she was referring to in case she was talking about me (not me!) and she said no one. So, she's mad at someone but I'm not sure who. Maybe Barbie or Cinderella did something to upset her.

I also told her that I would put her in time out for a month if she ever said a bad word again -- with no special treats for an additional year. That is when she promised to never say a bad word again.

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AFRo said...

Ours was shit. With both boys.

I don't use the word bitch at home. Only at work... LOL.

And at least she didn't say FUCK.

Sorry, LOL. I had to jump on the opportunity to use several random curse words in a comment.

Good mommying!