Wednesday, April 9, 2008

She Has SARS

Ray has had a fever for five days now and she goes in and out of feeling perfectly fine to being a really cranky beeotch. We took her to the doctor who said she has strep, prescribed her some antibiotics (shopping tip -- Publix gives you Amoxicilin at no charge) and sent us on our way. She's been home from school every day and spending her days with Nana who is on Spring Break. Which means she is getting very spoiled and generally loving being sick. She pathetically looked at me this morning and said "Mommy, I am so very sick. I need to go to Nana's and go swimming." Sick, alright.

E worries more than me about all things sick so this morning, after I announced that she still has a fever and won't be going to school, E said that we should call the doctor again because this just isn't normal. You know, because this is how that whole SARS epidemic started and her illness must be a lot more serious than plain ol' strep. Huh? How'd we go from strep to SARS? What about the bubonic plague? That needs to return sometime too, right? Being the more reasonable person in our household, I told him that I think that she's been on antibiotics for less than 48 hours so let's just chill the SARS talk for now. K?

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