Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's In a Name?

Ray has been betrothed to a boy named Griffin since she was four and he was five. Griffin's parents are good friends of mine and E's, and we all love this idea. Hey, we already like our inlaws and they like us. The wedding would be one big party, and that's all that's important, right? Oh, and their daughter, Reese, has been promised to Chay, as well. The best of both worlds. For now, all four kids are on board with this idea. We'll see how they feel in, say, 20 years.

A day at the beach today led to a conversation between E and Ray about maiden names. She asked and was told my name before I married E, Nana's name before she married Papa, and Grandma's name before she married Grandpa.

Ray: What will my name be when I marry Griffin?

E: L***

Ray: Hmmm.... Ray L***. I like that. Ray... what was that name again?

E: L***

Ray: Oh, OK, Ray L***. Will Chay's name be Chay L*** when he marries Reese?

E: No, he is a boy, so he'll still be Chay M***.

Ray: Oh, I get it. So he'll be Chay M*** and Reese will be Reese M***. I hope Chay's mother-in-law will like that.

Of course, I immediately had to call my future inlaw and let her know that my daughter is already concerned about her feelings on their future marriages. Ray will make a perfect daughter-in-law one day. I just hope Reese is just as perfect. I have a feeling she will be.

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