Monday, August 23, 2010

School Daze: Day 1

For exactly one year, Ray has been harassing me about starting Kindergarten. "When will I start Kindergarten?" "When I turn six, will I be in Kindergarten?" "When I go to Kindergarten, I'm going to ride my bike to school." And, every morning for the past week, "Mommy, can I go to Kindergarten today? I know today is the day!"

Ray chose her (ugly, in my opinion) first day of school outfit and was prepared to ride her bike to school this morning. Why did it have to rain? She was so disappointed, but I promised her that the first sunny morning that she could ride her bike (luckily, we live less than a mile from the school so that's easy peasy). I'm just going to have to walk it back home, so that little adventure won't happen all that often.

She was all attitude walking into school. When her vice-principal said "Hi!", I told her his name. When I tried to tell her her principal's name, she was all uppity, "You know, Mommy, you've told me this before. You don't need to keep repeating it!"

Yet, she asked me five times on the way to school what her teachers name is. Go figure.

Miss Attitude
Once we walked into her classroom, Ray took control. She listened well at the meet 'n greet. Knew just what to do to check in and found her desk right away.

I was feeling all emotional this morning. I'm not supposed to be a mom of a school kid. Ever. They are supposed to stay babies, which means I'll never age. But, Ray is clearly ready to move on.

Don't most kids cry when their parents leave them on their first day of Kindergarten? Mine just straight up kicked me out of the room. But I didn't leave without a fight...

One last picture - with an attitude

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